Saturday, January 15, 2011

Who's this month's winner?

First I want to show off what I did this morning with my friend, Wendy. I replaced all my recycled glass jars with MM medium & large ones (got them for a super price from Crop Chocolate) therefore, these were hand-me-downs to Wendy. She's here in the Attic playing with me this weekend and I didn't want to send her home with plain boring jars so we dressed them up!
Oh yea, and this month's winner..... Jasmine! Jasmine, I'm going to let you choose your prize so please email me at ScrapAddictsAttic at gmail dot com to select either a $10 Crop Credit from Crop Chocolate or a random ribbon/button/embellishment kit


  1. Woohoo! Thanks Paula! Oh, cute jars too, little bit of ribbon and flowers make them look super cute!

  2. congrats Jas, great job and you deserve a treat hahaha...

  3. I love the jars...a person can never go home empty handed when they spend a day in the attic!