Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Flowers Flowers everywhere

my new pen & pencil holder is supposed to look like two flowers, one on top of the other... I'm not sure I actually accomplished the look, but I like it
The top view:
This challenge is to make flowers out of floral paper, that's right you can cut some flowers out on your die cut machine, stack em up & drive a brad thru the middle... or get kind of crazy creative like I did!

How did I make this silly thing... you see I design developments for a civil engineer & our rolls of paper come in 36" rolls, these are called cores. I simply used my husband's chop saw and cut them to the length I wanted, dressed them up, added a little ink to the edges, then glued the whole mess together in the shape I wanted... actually Ron suggested it & I actually liked his suggestion.


  1. Thanks for the fun challenge Paula!

  2. I had fun with this one...but of course Mal had to add some bling!