Thursday, December 16, 2010

Alter It!

my youngest son is such a sweetie, he wanted to spend all the chore money he's been saving up to buy a 4-wheeler for himself instead on Christmas Gifts for people in our family! I couldn't believe it; I am SO very proud of him. But as we started shopping he realized just how far $154 will go, so it was Mom to the rescue... we'd do these glass blocks someone at Crop Chocolate turned me onto. Here's our start:
Da Block:

Glass Etching Cream (put it on thick & leave it on a loooong time):
After etching:
My boys putting on the tiles:

We decided to do mosaic tiles on the edges of the blocks:

Yep, we're making 4 for his 4 sets of grandparents!

For this challenge, you DO NOT have to make these blocks! ANY altered art project that you are currently making (perhaps a Christmas gift?) will work just fine. Happy Crafting!


  1. I just adore that boy! What a sweet heart!

  2. your boy is so cute! i love those glass blocks cant wait to see them finished

  3. WHERE did you get the glittery mosiac tiles??

  4. I got everything from Hobby Lobby & got lucky... the blocks & mosaic tiles were all 1/2 price & I sent dh with the 40% off coupon for the etching cream. These were very inexpensive to make.

    We're making one for ourselves as well but ran out of the mosaic tile so ours will wait until after Christmas to be finished.

  5. i am posting 2 projects! i altered chipboard letters from HL. and turned them into initial frames

  6. Ok, I posted the altered MM suitcase with FP papers. Thanks for letting me know about the challenge :-)