Thursday, October 21, 2010

Think Pink

Challenge #5 is all about Think Pink for that someone in your life who has been affected by this terrible disease.
As a child, my parents best friends were another couple, Sherry & Johnny. My very BEST memories of my childhood involve them. They had no children of their own, this made it easier to pretend I was theirs from time to time. They were an amazing couple! Cool cars, a canary yellow Corvette and a canary yellow Jeep Wrangler. I never got to ride in the 'Vette but spend many a day 4-wheeling around in the Jeep. Canoeing with them would mean I got beer even though I was only a kid this was permitted (it was the 70's!). Sherry had this beautiful long jet black hair, ultra hip clothes and jewelry. Johnny looked like a modern day mountain man but with the biggest heart and quick wit of any man I'd ever met. They had lion statues next to their front door since Lyon was their last name. My parents never fought when we were with Sherry & Johnny; these were the happiest days. Many years ago, we lost Johnny to breast cancer... yes, men can get breast cancer too.
A few months ago I met Mel on since we're both from Arkansas, we chatted about scrapping together & made a play date for ourselves. Melody brought along her sister Dana. At first sight I thought, this lady scraps?! No way... she isn't plump, she's got some of the longest legs you've ever seen... just didn't fit what I had in my head as "one of us". Let the bonding being! We laughed, joked, got a little teary-eyed and became a little like sisters that day. Dana very recently was diagnosed and has begun going thur her options and making decisions. Her wonderful (real) sister, Melody, is organizing a Walk for Dana benefit on November 20 in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. I'm trying to help put together a silent auction item and maybe a few other things, plus work for them that day doing whatever they need me to do... Gopher? My card is dedicated to Dana
I used umWowStudio's Sketch Mania #16 for my basic card design.


  1. Paula you have spoken about Johnny many times, this was a very touching post, and your card for Dana (who does have the greatest legs btw) is beautiful. Im sure she will appriciate your thoughtfulness.

  2. Hi Paula,
    I was thinking this challenge had to be a card specific to breast cancer. I can change my blog post and add it if thats all right?

  3. Please feel free to post ANYTHING pink! It does NOT have to be a breast cancer ribbon. I should have been clearer, I'm sorry. I've just been working on hard on stuff for Dana that it's really be on my mine so I wanted to make the one I did for her. Thanks for playing :-)

  4. Thanks Paula! I am enjoying your challenges!