Thursday, October 14, 2010

Challenge #4 Friendship

This week's challenge is to use the word "friendship" or "friend" on something.
Here's my creation:
The Details:

DEADLINE CHANGE: Since the 15th falls right after this challenge, I'm going to make the deadline for this ONE challenge Wednesday so everyone has time to create something. So you have until Midnight on Wednesday, Oct. 20 to finish this last creation before I announce the winners!

Thanks for playing along & please don't forget to leave me a comment after using Mr. Linky!


  1. So sweet! I was just finishing up a bunch of cards, as a gift to my Grandmother...and there was a Friendship card in there, so I Linked it.
    Thanks for your fun!

  2. Well I made a friend card but missed the deadline (I will blame...ummmm jet lag). But I liked the little card I made so I posted it anyway:

  3. Hey Paula, Well I actually got a card made for this weeks challenge but the funny part is I missed being able to enter it...LOL. What time is midnight your time? I am mountain standard and thought I had quiet a bit of time here but not there...LOL. Any who I just wanted to let you know you have a great challenge blog. Come check out my card.

  4. Girls, I'm so sorry... I think I had something wrong in my Mr. Linky & he cut us off early. I haven't selected the runner-ups yet but I haven't made a badge yet either. Please forgive me! This is my first prize and, of course, I get it all screwy. From now on the deadline will be NOON on the 15th so I don't have to stay up so late to draw a name or judge them. Am I forgiven? Should I beg more? Please say you'll play more...

  5. You know I will continue to play! Becuase its fun! :-)

  6. I will worries a challenge spots takes a while so I am finding out!! You have great challenges. Hugs