Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas, Christmas Everywhere

I've been busy with my company so I haven't had a chance to post the challenge. The challenge is to get your Christmas tree/decorations put up (mine are still in the attic of my husbands workshop so it may be tomorrow before I get pics posted) BUT you have to put a handmade paper item on each thing (say tree, wreath, centerpiece, etc. with a paper snowman, angel, star, etc.) and post it, remember you get 3 entries.

I will try to get mine done today as my company has their bags by the door but they're men and are currently playing the Wii :-) Oh well, at least my brother & my husband get along well. Yesterday we went GeoCaching, Jimmy (my brother) is just getting into it with a friend of his and my family did several a few years back but then got distracted by other things. I plotted out a course including 16 caches to hunt down that made a loop leaving the house, driving a bunch of back roads that looped back to our house - this worked great! We took a picnic lunch with us. At one of the middle caches we took this back road we'd never been on only to find ourselves on the opposite side of a very large creek (we kept calling it the river) but guess what.... no bridge, it had washed away! My 12yo son followed his uncle across the water (shallowest area was probably about a foot deep), getting wet about shin level which didn't make mama very happy since it was only about 38 degrees out yesterday! Finally we all got way too impatient, I told the two 9 year olds (my son & neice) to get into my Jeep, drove across the rocky shore to pick up my husband, and just 4wd my way across the creek - OMG!!! What fun that is! I was scared on my way over of killing it, flooding my baby and having to call a wrecker (I have drowned a motorcycle this very way except no wrecker, I had to push it out of the water while dripping wet myself). Anywho, that cache was a bust... we never found it but there is a ton of decay from dead trees and a LOT of trash from flooding. We gave up, loaded 5 in the Jeep & my crazy brother sitting on the hood, and treked back across the creek in my Jeep to have our picnic at Ron's Liberty (oh, dh is Ron). We finished the day with 13 found of the 16, one place was creepy & we were pretty sure on private property so we didn't look too long there or really hang out, my oldest wouldn't even get out of the car! Hope your holiday was a good as mine has been.

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